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Dr. Tranny's Instant Shudder Fixx
It's available in a two ounce application tube and is compatible with conventional or synthetic automatic transmission fluids. This formulation of friction modifiers is concentrated five times.

For Best overall performance and long term transmission benefit, use LUBEGARD® ATF Protectant. It is approved and endorsed for use to correct problems associated with automatic transmissions, including shudder problems, by OEMs.

Directions for use:
Holding tip closed, cut off tip end, empty contents directly into ATF (via filter tube).

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This convenient oil-based solvent saves time and money for general service and repair shops. It will prevent contaminating new or rebuilt transmissions you install.

Dr. Tranny Kooler Kleen

To use instead of an expensive cooling system flushing machine to clean system and prevent cross contamination.

A three in one product
The flush can is used to prevent transmission contamination by removing and eliminating contaminants such as grease, dirt, sludge, grime and metal shavings in transmission cooling systems and lines, without leaving any water or soapy residue in the system. It also cleans electric parts, wire harnesses, etc. leaving a thin layer of dielectric protectant.

has three uses in one:

(wire harnesses & solenoids), electronic engine connections (computers, sensors & wiring)
1. Line Flush Cleaner 2. Electronic Transmission Cleaner 3. Dielectric Protectant


  • Leaves no soapy residue
  • Contains no water
  • Prevents contamination
  • Prevents costly comebacks
  • Contains no ozone depleting chemicals or CFCs
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents
  • Easy to Use

Car Manufactures Use, Endorse and Designate LUBEGARD/Dr. Tranny Kooler Kleen, Shouldn't You?
Photo of OEM cans

Why Kooler Kleen outperforms the competition

There have been many debates about the use of water based detergent cleaners (soaps) and oil based solvent cleaners. Water based transmission cleaners have high detergent and dispersant levels, and once flushed through the system leave behind a film of the detergents, water, dispersant and/or ATF emulsion on the walls of the tubing. The water and chemicals remaining, which are not good for your transmission, will become part of the new ATF when the transmission is re-installed. Using an oil based cleaning method makes sense; the technician can ensure that the new ATF stays dry and that the transmission is reassembled to last.

Directions for Use
For Line Flush Cleaner: Attach connector to transmission feed line. Next, attach hose to transmission return line to collect flush and residue in a waste container. Hold can upright and actuate. Flush until clear. For best results use entire content of can per installation. Then turn can upside down and continue cleaning with air only.
For Wire Harness Cleaner: Cut off hose to appropriate length to direct the stream. Spray over dirty depowered 6-12 volt electrical components.
For Dielectric Protectant: Allow cleaned components to dry before repowering.

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LUBEGARD PLATINUM® is a Time, Space and Money saver which eliminates the confusion of multiple ATF applications. Simply use with any required ATF (with the exception of Ford® Type F ATF, and only for use in CVT's that require DEXRON ATF). Also use to enhance DEXRON®/MERCON® ATF to perform like a MERCON® V ATF or a Highly Friction Modified ATF.

LUBEGARD PLATINUM® Universal ATF Protectant is uniquely formulated using the patented synthetic LXE® (liquid wax ester) Technology and new synthetic Synergol®, TMS Technology. Together these technologies provide the most advanced and complete transmission fluid performance additive ever invented.

Synergol TMs is the first non-active, low-phosphorous-based, surface molecule. Which, when added to existing ATF's, drastically reduces wear on parts and metal surfaces. It makes all ATF's work at their optimum, improving the surface layer's performance in all components, which is why it will work in all ATF applications. In fact, Synergol's lubricant performance will extend far beyond normal fluid life. Since Synergol is not consumed its effectiveness increases over time, providing continuous protection to all internal parts of the transmission.

Liquid Wax Esters (LXE's) have a molecular structure that allows unsurpassed transfer of heat making the technology the most heat stable product ever sold. The Liquid Wax Esters themselves are so heat stable they outperform the nearest competitors products by over 100 Degrees Fahrenheit! LXE's exceptional lubricity (wetting agent) and heat resistance is why the Lubegard ATF Protectant with LXE is Used, Endorsed, Designated and Approved by multiple OEM's as well as by professional rebuild technicians around the world.


  • For use with any ATF, such as OEM types and DEXRON/MERCON ATF's (with the exception of Ford Type F ATF).
  • Enhances DEXRON/Mercron ATF to perform like MERCON V ATF's.
  • Enhances DEXRON/MERCON ATF to perform like a highly friction modified ATF, such as:
    • Honda Premium Formula ATF
    • Toyota Type T/TII/TIV
    • Chrysler Mopar ATF + 3(7176) & Mopar ATF + 4(9602)
    • And all other highly friction modified ATF's


  • Prevents overheating
  • Inhibits fluid oxidation and foaming.
  • Instantly eliminates torque converter shudders and clutch pack chatters & shudders.
  • Dramatically reduces friction & wear on metal parts and internal components.
  • Ensures proper shifts.
  • Frees stuck valves & keeps them free.
  • Will not alter the crucial phosphorous or sulfur balance in your transmission fluid.
  • Will not harm yellow metals.
  • Ash Free.
  • Extends fluid change intervals.


  • Reduces operating temperature, allowing transmissions to perform more efficiently
  • Increases thermal & oxidative stability of ATF for stop & go driving, heavy loads & towing
  • Reduces transmission wear, extends fluid & transmission life
  • Maximizes over all transmission performance
  • Helps reduce comeback & warranty problems for shops & mechanics
  • Insures proper & smooth shifts
  • Prevents clutch chatter & torque converter shudder
  • Eliminates objectionable noise (squawks) during shifts
  • Keeps valves free. Frees stuck valves in valve bodies
  • Prevents hung governors
  • Modifies harsh shifts & makes them quicker in duration
  • Can be used with all ATFs: OEM, Synthetic or Mineral Oil Based
  • Contains LXE (synthetic esters & synthetics)


Increase profits with LUBEGARD® Automatic Transmission Flush. Now you can offer your customers an essential and valuable service, with or without a flush machine! Especially important in higher mileage vehicles, LUBEGARD Automatic Transmission Flush cleans and flushes out unwanted heat-causing contaminants such as debris, sludge and varnish. This added maintenance service will not result in comebacks and professionally prepares the transmission for new fluid and filter while extending the service life of the transmission.


For use with or without ANY flush machine!

  • Correctly removes varnish deposits
  • Prepares transmission for new fluid
  • Cleans all internal transmission components
  • Contains rust & corrosion inhibitors
  • Does not contain harmful solvents

LUBEGARD® Automatic Transmission Flush with LXE Technology is a premium synthetic blend that prepares any transmission for new ATF. It contains special detergents and disperscents to soften, clean and aid in the removal of harmful deposits that have built up in the transmission. It will not harm metals, seals, frictionals or compromise the ATF fluid itself. It also provides additional rust and corrosion protection. After completing the flushing procedure add the appropriate LUBEGARD ATF product for unsurpassed protection.

Directions For Use:

With Flush Machine - Follow manufacturers' directions.

Without Flush Machine - Add one bottle of LUBEGARD Automatic Transmission Flush to transmission fluid. With car on lift (wheels above ground) start engine, circulate for 5 minutes cycling LUBEGARD ATF through all gears. Drain completely. Refill with ATF. After the flush is completed add the appropriate LUBEGARD ATF Product.

LUBEGARD Typical Data:

Viscosity @ 40°C
Viscosity @ 100°C
Flash Point, COC
Pour Point

30-35 cSt
5-8 cSt


Number one tool used by professionals and the original technical developer of the conversion formula, LUBEGARD® Highly Friction Modified-ATF Supplement converts DEXRON II,III/MERCON ATF into a highly friction modified fluid. And at the same time extends your fluid life and reduces your transmission wear, saving you money and the need to stock multiple OEM fluids.

LUBEGARD® HFM-ATF SUPPLEMENT is the same product as the OEM endorsed LUBEGARD® ATF PROTECTANT but with added friction modifiers. (See ATF for benefits)

Only LUBEGARD® HFM-ATF Supplement can be used to fit the operating frictional requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers' (OEMs) fluids as shown in the chart below.

Make Manufacturer's ATF
Acura Genuine Honda
Jeep Mopar ATF + 3 (7176), ATF + 4 (9602)
Chrysler Mopar ATF + 3 (7176), ATF + 4 (9602)
Lexus Toyota Type T & T4, (T II)
Chrysler / Dodge Mopar ATF + 3 (7176), ATF + 4 (9602)
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Diamond SP
Eagle Mopar ATF + 3 (7176), ATF + 4 (9602)
Nissan Nissanmatic D
Honda Genuine Honda
Plymouth Mopar ATF + 3 (7176), ATF + 4 (9602)
Hyundai Mopar ATF + 3 (7176), ATF + 4 (9602)
Sterling Sterling ATF
Infiniti Nissanmatic D
Toyota Toyota Type T & T4, (T II)

LUBEGARD® Limited-Slip Supplement will eliminate your differential chatter. It will also reduce differential temperatures and extend clutch pack and equipment life.

LUBEGARD® Limited-Slip Supplement is specifically formulated for the clutches in limited slip differentials. Limited slip differentials depend on the operation of pre-loaded clutch packs on each axle shaft. Gear oils made for standard differentials do not contain the additives that make these clutches work. LUBEGARD® Limited-Slip Supplement contains LXE, a unique advanced friction modifier to eliminate chatter. It also contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect bearing and gear surfaces. The LXE acts as an enhanced heat transfer component to pull heat out of the gear box and clutches more quickly for cooler running units.

axleAdding LUBEGARD® Limited-Slip Supplement to a differential will:

  • Eliminate differential chatter, growl and moan in ALL makes of vehicles with limited slip differentials including GM, Ford and Chrysler.
  • Reduce differential oil temperatures.
  • Extend clutch pack and equipment life.

Limited Slip Additive Comparison Chart

Product Active Ingredients For all Limited-slip Units? Decrease in limited slip torque with product
Average Breakaway
OEM 1 (GM) Amine Phosphate NO 3% 10%
OEM 2 (Ford) Amine Phosphate NO 33% 60%

High torque decreases, such as shown by the Ford (OEM 2) additive above.  The graph relates to excess slipping in the rear end and lower torque to the wheel with traction. LUBEGARD® can be used in ALL automotive limited slip units to eliminate noise without a significant torque penalty.

Directions For Use:
Put entire contents of the bottle (4 fl. oz) into the differential. If necessary, remove enough gear oil to maintain proper level with supplement. Allow 20 miles of road operation for complete mixing.


LUBEGARD M-V Automatic Transmission Fluid Supplement is formulated utilizing the patented & OEM endorsed synthetic LUBEGARD LXE Technology and a new synthetic additive Synergol TMS to enhance DEXRON/MERCON ATF to provide a MERCON V type ATF.

Click to view the $39,650 MERCON V® Cycling Test Results that Lubegard M-V ATF Supplement passed beyond the duration needed for approval!

MERCON V® was introduced by the Ford Motor Company in 1997 for use in 1997 and later A4LD-E (4R44E) and 5R55E transmissions. It is currently required for many new transmissions in some Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and other makes.

LUBEGARD M-V Automatic Transmission Fluid Supplement benefits:

  • Enhances DEXRON/MERCON ATF to perform like a MERCON V type fluid.
  • For use in all automatic transmissions requiring a MERCON V type ATF.
  • Prevents & Eliminates Torque Converter Lock-Up Shudder.
  • Prevents overheating and fluid oxidation.
  • Saves Time, Money and Space by eliminating the need to stock MERCON V ATF.
  • Keeps valves free. Also frees stuck valves.
  • Dramatically reduces friction & wear on metal parts and internal components.
  • Improves low temperature shifting.
  • Stabilizes the life of the fluid, thus extending service intervals.
  • Softens harsh shifts.
  • Extends fluid & component life.
  • Will not harm yellow metals.
  • Will not alter the crucial phosphorus or sulfur balance in your transmission fluid.
  • Contains absolutely NO Zinc

Use LUBEGARD® Power Steering Fluid Protectant to:

  • Eliminate power steering noises, whines and squealing
  • Eliminate stiffness on cold mornings
  • Free sticky turbines and pumps, while reducing wear in pumps
  • Eliminate stiffness and reduce wear in rack & pinions
  • Reduce system wear
  • Extend system and fluid life
  • Increase responsiveness
  • Prevent hardening & shrinking of seals
  • Prevent thermal & oxidative breakdown
  • Convert existing power steering fluid to Honda

LUBEGARD® Power Steering Fluid Protectant is for use with all power steering fluids, including Honda applications. It incorporates the same patented LXE (liquid wax esters) technology found in LUBEGARD® Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant.

LUBEGARD® Power Steering Fluid Protectant enhances power steering fluids by providing additional anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-friction compounds.

Directions For Use:

Open power steering fluid reservoir. If low, top off with LUBEGARD® Power Steering Fluid Protectant. Do not overfill. If reservoir is full, up to 4 fluid ounces must be removed in order to add LUBEGARD®. For best results, drain reservoir and flush with approximately 6 ounces ATF or power steering fluid. Refill with power steering fluid leaving 4 oz. short and add LUBEGARD ® Power Steering Fluid Protectant.


Lucas Transmission Fix is a non-solvent formulas that stops slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions and completely eliminates most seal leaks. Use in any transmission for preventative maintenance.Use also in light duty manual transmissions to increase shifting ease and transmission life.

Key Benefits

  • Contains no solvents
  • Lowers operating temperatures and stops foaming
  • Can be added to existing fluid without draining any out
  • Effective in an extremely high percentage of cases