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Dayco® Poly Cog® Serpentine Belt
Designed for power transmission on multiple-accessory drives
This is the “cogged” version of the revolutionary multi-ribbed belt first developed by Dayco for the 1979 Ford® Mustang®. The multiple-rib design provides better belt-to-pulley contact for less slippage, so it lasts longer than conventional V-belts. “Multiple ribs” also eliminates the need for “matching”, and allows “controlled slippage” in shock overload situations, such as when the AC compressor kicks in. Today, as then, this belt sets the industry standard. The transverse groove design runs cooler (up to 50°F), and dramatically reduces rib cracking, thereby increasing the life of the belt by at least 40%. The grooved design provides flexural stress relief, for increased flexibility in both normal and backside bending. The grooves also render the belt less susceptible to environmental factors such as dust and splash-induced slip. Dayco’s superior manufacturing technology uses a rubber backing that maximizes load-carrying capability and minimizes the noise that is often associated with the competition’s belts. Torque-carrying capacity equals or betters conventional multi-rib belts. The cord is saturated with a specially formulated treatment that insures length and tension stability for the life of the belt. Dayco Poly Cog belts meet or exceed SAE J1459 and J1596 specifications




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