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Welcome to the STOKO® Skin Care North America website. Our expertise in occupational skin care dates back to 1935 when Stockhausen developed “syndets” (synthetic detergents), which are not only superior to soaps but are also more compatible with the skin.

We were the innovators of the 3-Point Program of Before Work skin care, Cleaning and Conditioning, because proper skin care isn’t just about getting clean. It is about keeping your skin smooth and healthy and helping to prevent problems before they start. Our 3-Point Program, including heavy-duty hand cleaners such as our best seller Kresto®, has been a staple in the Industrial and Automotive markets for many years. In recent years, the STOKO® Skin Care product line has expanded to include skin care programs for the food processing industry, outdoor workers, commercial & institutional and healthcare.

Our mission is to promote and support healthy skin and hand hygiene in any environment.

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Gojo Original Formula Hand Cleaner for removing heavy grease, tar and oil. Can be used with or without water. Simply apply the cleaner, rub and wipe away!


Fine Italian Pumice Hand Cleaner with pumice scrubbers for removing tar, grease and oil. Gentle with no harsh solvents. 4.5 lb.

    • 100% solvent-free, extra heavy-duty hand cleaner

    • Has the cleaning power to handle tough soils such as grease, oils, soot and carbon black but is gentle to the skin

  • Contains ASTOPON®, all-natural, biodegradeable walnut shell scrubbers
SVP dispenser accommodates all Softbottle packaged products in 1000ml,
1900ml and 2000ml sizes.