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Sea Foam was actually developed for the outboard motor and marine market back in the 1930’s. The inventor, Fred Fandrei, owned an outboard motor and it seemed as though every time he went fishing he would have engine trouble. The problems always stemmed from the gas and oil mixture, which became gummy and formed varnish between uses.

vintagecan2The thought of spending more time fishing than working on the motor prompted Fred, who was a District Manager for the Sinclair Refining Company at that time and had a good knowledge of fuel, to invent a product that would stop the gas/oil mixture from becoming stale. He worked with quite a few formulas before he finally found one that gave him the right results. His first test market was at Lake Freeman, in Indiana, near where he lived. When he went fishing, he would take along his formula in beer bottles and quart jars to sell to other fishermen.

Inspired by the products popularity, Fred decided to give it a name and put it on the market. His search for a name ended when a fellow fisherman who had moved to Florida called him and asked him to send some of that “Sea Foam” stuff. Fred liked the sound of it, so he christened his formula Sea Foam.

He began to advertise Sea Foam in such magazines as Field and Stream and Outdoor Life and as each order came in, he would affix a label to the product’s container and mail it out. Evinrude Outboard Motor Co. heard about Sea Foam and tested it for a full year and endorsed it nationally. Another well-known outboard motor company, Martin Motors, endorsed the product nationally, after it solved a big problem in the poppet valves of their outboard motors.

Sea Foam became trademarked in 1942. About this time, a new job as District Sales Manager for Maremont Automotive Product’s took the Fandrei family to Minneapolis. Here, the market shifted from marine to automotive and the product’s label was changed to read Sea Foam Auto Marine.

Philip Fandrei, the son of Fred Fandrei bought his father out in 1981. Distribution had been confined to the Upper Midwest and since then the Company’s markets have been increased and distribution has been broadened nationally in the United States and in Canada.

vintagecan1Philip Fandrei was the owner of the Sea Foam Company from 1981 until 1991 when Auto Mark, Inc., purchased the company. Auto Mark, Inc. was formerly Auto-Miles Warehouse of Minneapolis, headed by President Mark Hanson. After the sale of the Auto-Miles Warehouse, Mark became a member of the Sea Foam sales force for a short time. With many years experience he was highly qualified in the automotive after market and more than capable of taking Sea Foam Products to the high status it has in the market place today. As the new owner of the newly named Sea Foam Sales Co., Mark has successfully taken the Sea Foam products to be recognized as the safest and highest of quality products in the automotive aftermarket.

The Sea Foam Sales Company has the finest distribution for its products for the automotive aftermarket in the country. There are four major Sea Foam products – Sea Foam Motor Treatment, Sea Foam Spray, Sea Foam Trans Tune, Sea Foam Deep Creep and Sea Foam Bugs-B-Gone. Each of these products is a multi-use product and are of the highest quality. Each product meets or exceeds all government requirements in every state.

Sea Foam has its own sales force and uses manufacturer representatives to solicit new distribution and market share nationally and internationally. The Sea Foam Sales Company is always doing research and development to keep up with industry standards and is always keeping an eye out for new innovative products to serve its Valued Customers!

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Safely frees sticky lifters and piston rings, removes carbon build-up and oil residue, reduces pinging and rough idle. For Carburetors or Fuel Injected Gasoline Engines - Autos – Trucks – Tractors – Motorcycles – Marine – Small Engines – Industrial Engines Great for Diesel Engines Too!

SEA FOAM Motor Treatment is a 100% pure petroleum product that safely and effectively cleans internal fuel and oil system components, helping your gasoline or diesel engine run cleaner and more efficiently.  SEA FOAM is an EPA-registered product, and will not harm engine components, seals, gaskets, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

SEA FOAM liquefies gum and varnish deposits or internal engine contaminants, removing carbon deposits, freeing sticky valve lifters and rings, improving idle quality, pinging and hesitation problems.  By using SEA FOAM to eliminate varnish and carbon buildup, mechanics can more accurately diagnose mechanical problems that may exist.  That is why Sea Foam has been so popular with professional mechanics for over 65 years.

As a fuel system additive, Sea Foam will clean carburetors, fuel injectors, clean carbon, gum and varnish deposits, add lubricity to fuel, stabilize fuel for 2 years and control moisture.

As an oil system additive, Sea Foam controls moisture, gum, varnish and residue deposits.